About Justine Crowley - UX Designer & Service Professional


My experiences in enhancing the user experience with various products and services over the last 18 years has been through working directly with customers through a variety of different communication channels. Interacting with key users and solving difficult problems in high volume, fast paced working environments has given me strong empathy and UX research skills. 

In addition to bringing my UX research skills to the UX Design profession; I am also proficient in synthesising the UX research findings through a variety of pertinent UX Deliverables such as empathy mapping, competitive and comparative analysis, user personas, affinity mapping, and value proposition canvases to name. Having a strong business acumen assists in producing many of these key UX deliverables that enhances the profitability of my employer and clients. 

UX Design is a desired profession of mine, as this work requires a number of different skills and attributes, of which I possess from my various work and life experiences to date. Iteration is important, as each different design thinking process can uncover new solutions to the users problems. Most importantly, I also enjoy this work, based on my UX & UI Design experiences to date. 

I also possess confidence in sketching prototypes prior to producing wireframes on tools like Figma; and I have also conducted usability tests both on paper, on Figma, and on Marvel. 

I am a quick learner who has an interest in HTML and Ruby coding, as well as having the relevant people skills. I also possess the required business acumen, creativity and artistic/drawing skills in ensuring that all stakeholders are catered for during the entire UX Design thinking process. All of these skills, combined with my strong emotional intelligence and other key transferable skills - also having been a freelance photographer and writer in the past make me a strong UX Designer.

In my spare time I enjoy the simple things in life such as catching up with family and friends, as well as going to the beach, bushwalking, and yoga. I also use my entrepreneurial nature outside of work with a side hustle, as well as owning shares, and an investment property in Sydney. 

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One of Justine's key philosophies in UX Design: teamwork definitely makes the dreamwork. 

Justine is all about good vibes, while being resilient and possessing a positive attitude at work.

Justine's UX Design motto: Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.